Teenager / Adult Regular Group Class

Welcome to Ultimate MMA Academy, reshaping martial arts training with a focus on empowerment. Our dynamic program enhances both physical fitness and self-defense skills, offering a comprehensive approach to your martial arts journey. Join us for an experience that goes beyond traditional training, combining discipline, strength, and personal growth. Welcome to a new era in martial arts at Ultimate MMA Academy.

At Ultimate MMA Academy, we believe in providing unparalleled value. With our one-price membership, participants enjoy unlimited access to regular group classes, creating a motivating environment that fosters consistency and results. Our skilled instructors bring years of experience to the mat, guiding teenagers and adults through invigorating workouts that transcend conventional fitness routines.

In these classes, we go beyond the surface, sculpting body lines and building strength while instilling discipline and resilience. Participants are not just learning self-defense; they are immersing themselves in a holistic fitness experience that leaves them with a sense of accomplishment and improved overall well-being.

👊Motivation Environment
👊Workout Exercise
👊Build Body Line
👊Friendly for ALL Age

MONDAY & SATURDAY  7.15 to 9.30pm 
Open all year around

Only RM200 per month
RM150 register fee(Pay 1st enjoy lifetime)

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